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Good Night Sleep Center is a sleep testing and diagnostic sleep center. Our sleep lab is located in Del Rio, Texas. Sleep testing and sleep diagnostics are first. Sleep treatment can start today and you wGood Night Sleep Center Del Rio, Texas. 1125 South Main Street. Contact us at Good Night Sleep Center in Del Rio, TX today.





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Please complete the Berlin Questionnaire by clicking here.

 This will help the physician get vital answers concerning "quality" of your sleep.



Where are you located?

           We are located at 1125 South Main Street, Del Rio, TX 78840  See Map


What forms are used for patients at Good Night Sleep Center?

           For a complete list of our sleep center's forms, please click here.

Will my Insurance cover services at Good Night Sleep Center?

  • Please call our office at (830)765-1739 so we can talk with you about your insurance coverage and your costs. We accept most insurance plans including Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration Benefits, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Humana Care, and other private insurance plans.

How much sleep do you need?

  • There is no "normal" amount of sleep. The average adult sleeps approximately 7 - 8 hours per night. The range, however, of nighttime sleep duration must be expanded to between 6 - 9 hours in order to include the majority of people. The amount of sleep that an individual needs is that optimum amount which allows you to function throughout the day without feeling drowsy when you sit quietly.

Do you have an easy explanation for some of the sleep terms and definitions?

Do all people dream?

  • As far as scientists understand, everyone dreams. Some people do not remember their dreams and therefore believe that they do not dream.

What should I bring for my - or my child's - sleep study?

  • Any items that are used at home for your personal sleep routine should be brought to the sleep lab for use during the sleep study (for example-diapers, toys, a special book).

  • Please be sure to bring all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications.

  • Bring comfortable clothing for night and daytime sleep testing. Sleepwear with buttons in the front is preferable or sweat suits are fine. We suggest that patients dress in layers as the temperature in the patient rooms will vary.

  • You are welcome to bring your pillow or blanket for comfort.

  • Patients are encouraged to bring food to accommodate individual dietary needs.

Is the equipment at Good Night Sleep Center State of the art.

  • We have the latest technology including Alice5 diagnostic Sleep Systems.


Alice 5 Diagnostic Sleep System

Alice 5 Diagnostic Sleep System Information
The Alice 5 Diagnostic Sleep System sets new standards for sleep labs eager to customize powerful features today but interested in flexible architecture to accommodate tomorrow's growth. Alice 5 features: fully integrated sleep laboratory system over a network cable; expanded channel capability to 55 total channels; high quality ECG with 6 channels and pulse transit time, and real time impedance display.


Available Internationally only.


  • Fully integrated sleep laboratory system over a network cable or wireless
  • Expanded channel capability to 55 total channels
  • High quality ECG with 6 channels and pulse transit time (PTT)
  • Real time impedance display
  • Patient Communication/Intercom is accomplished over your network cable



Good Night Sleep Center accepts the following forms of payment:


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