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Good Night Sleep Center is a sleep testing and diagnostic sleep center. Our sleep lab is located in Del Rio, Texas. Sleep testing and sleep diagnostics are first. Sleep treatment can start today and you wGood Night Sleep Center Del Rio, Texas. 1125 South Main Street. Contact us at Good Night Sleep Center in Del Rio, TX today.





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Please complete the Berlin Questionnaire by clicking here.

 This will help the physician get vital answers concerning "quality" of your sleep.


Living with OSA

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It is important to be an active participant in your care, and focus  on the benefits of treatment. PAP therapy is a treatment, not a cure.


  • Use your therapy device each and every night, even if you travel, sleep apnea will return on nights when therapy is not used.

  • Be patient and persistent while you adjust to therapy.

  • Talk to your doctor or homecare provider about any issues or side effects you may encounter.

  • Seek support from loved ones, local patient groups, or internet resources.

  • Consider lifestyle changes, such a weight loss (if needed), good sleep practices, and avoidance of alcohol, sedatives and hypnotics.



If signs or symptoms of OSA return after you start to use PAP therapy, contact your doctor to discuss your treatment.



Good Night Sleep Center accepts the following forms of payment:


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